3 Christmas ideas for football players 2017

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Find your Christmas presents for the football player here

Christmas is approaching and it has been time to prepare its Christmas shopping. Do you control the Christmas gift for him or her who plays football?

If you do not have, read on.

We have made it easier for you to prepare a list of 4 popular Christmas ideas for football players in 2017. Among the gift ideas you will find new Football boots, a football, a club shirt and goalie gloves.

Let's see what the inspiration list saves on cool Christmas presents for football players.

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1 # - New football boots in Christmas present

The most important tool for a football player is the Football boots. The footwear must be in order to perform optimally on the training course or for combat.

There will be no eye dry Christmas Eve if you buy a pair of football boots online and give them a Christmas present for your boyfriend, husband, son, daughter or who you now know as playing football.

It's not even valid which boots you buy. There are even well-written football boot guides that give you the fifth to buy the right ones.

It takes us another day.

Today there are several different types of football boots. We would recommend that you either buy a pair of FG boots or AG boots, which are for grass and synthetic lanes, respectively. Both boots can be used all year round.

It is smart!

The foundation is one thing to be aware of. You should also be aware of the type of boot. Should it be a Football boots with sock or sock? Leather or synthetic upper?

A Football boot could be the newly introduced Nike Mercurial Superfly V FG Neymar Junior from the "Written in the Stars" dust collection. Should it be a football boot in leather, then a good bid is Adidas Copa 17.2 FG / AG Pyro Storm.

Sorry for the long names on the Football boots, but they are called.

Instead of tapping a lot of top models up of Football boots here, take a look here and find the right football boots here.

We hope you will be inspired and find the Christmas gift.

2 # A football for after school

When playing ball with friends, it's nice to have a football that you can bring in the bag, under your arm or on the luggage of the bike.

Footballs come in a variety of colors, prices and on specific surfaces, but when you need to buy a football, you should pay special attention to the size. It is important to buy a football that corresponds to the age of the player. A size guide can be found here.

However, we recommend that you buy a football for grass or artificial turf, as the recipients can use the football as much as possible all year round.

Where to buy a football?

When you go down to the local sports store, they have a limited selection of footballs on the shelves. Buy a football online instead, then there are more balls to choose from.

Which football should you choose?

How about buying Adidas football, as top players like Christiano Ronaldo or Christian Eriksen joining the Champions League. You can also choose the football they play in Serie A in Italy (also known as the country of the country). If you are more at home latitude, then choose a Alka Superliga football from Select.

The choice is difficult, because there are many brands to choose from.

But at one of Denmark's most popular online football stores, Unisport.dk, you can safely shop and find the right football for your son or daughter.

We hope that you will find a good football that you can pack in and spend the Christmas tree.

# 3 Wish you a Football jersey

Any boy or girl playing football will love to wrap his favorite team's Football jersey for training or in the schoolyard.

Therefore, of course, you will need a Football jersey on the wish list when you move to the stores in December to buy the Christmas gift for the football player.

It is a good idea to inquire in advance with the person who will give you the gift of which club he or she agrees with. It's not smart to buy a Manchester City club shirt, if he is a big fan of Manchester United and French midfielder Paul Pogba.

The two clubs are archers in the Premier League in England.

Some of the most popular football jerseys right now are not surprising from big clubs like FC Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, Paris St. Germain, Manchester United and others. Our bid is therefore that you must buy a Football jersey with the name of. It can either be one of the star players from the club or the recipient's own name to make it more personal.

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