Experience Report Of Adidas Copa Mundial

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Adidas Copa Mundial, the classic of the football shoe. This design was worn in the eighties by Gerd Müller or the Emperor personally. Even in today's world, where everything revolves around funky colors and unusual materials, the design of the Mundial is the most popular of all.


Material and workmanship
Leather, samba, leather, double sewn and leather! These are the usual upper materials with which Adidas has equipped its shoe for years. The toe is made of the elastic kangaroo leather, which is quilted in the protective Samba form. The strong double seam keeps the leather stable yet soft. However, the rest of the shoe unfortunately does not consist of the valuable kangaroo leather, as is often assumed! Underneath the leather, there is also a quick-drying synthetic lining, which is used to protect the outer skin from moisture.
The slippers are at first somewhat stiff, but give themselves very quickly to the foot. The processing, in the Adidas typical Samba form hardly knows a defect. The hard sole with its medium-long knobs still remains the great weakness of the shoes. More on that later.


Comfort and fit
The super soft leather provides not only a precise ball feel, but also a very high and comfortable wearing comfort. The stiffness in the initial period is very fast after 1-2 units. With the appropriate leather care, the shoe remains smooth and fit!
The wide flatfoot is found immediately at the Mundial, because it is the shoe that suits almost everyone! The real shoe size feels a bit too small at first, but the shoe lags after the usual running-in time.


Nothing for eternity. But for a football shoe, the copa is very long. Our hard-working testers played with the models around one to 1.5 seasons. The weak spot remains however still as before. With every copa, the sole begins to separate from the toe after some time. Despite the seam and glue the expensive kangaroo leather solves.
After a long time, this is also powerful and understandable but should be solved in the first few weeks after the purchase you can change the slippers directly. Adidas and its sales partners have been familiar with the problem for a very long time and are clear on the return. Unfortunately a big markell at such a great shoe.


If you want to get away from all the rainbow colors and prefer the classic variant, the best model has been found here. With its materials and the workmanship the copa is already thriving several generations, especially those with the wide flat feet.
The only spot on the black mundial skin is seen on the front sole. But when that happens, there's a new pair.

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