Innovation meets tradition - the Nike Tiempo Legend VI White Black Orange

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The Nike Tiempo Legend VI (6) was officially unveiled and will include the new football boot from Bayern star Jerome Boateng. Since the Nike Tiempo Legend V was introduced in 2013, Nike has repeatedly released new colorways for the Tiempo. Technological progress, however, was still on the line. The new boat from Nike, however, now contains a series of new features that we would not want to keep from you.

Nike Tiempo Legend VI White Black Orange- What's New? The classic, which for 20 years now has been the feet of some of the greatest players of all time, Ronaldinho, as always, comes in a traditional, simple design. The main focus is on the large proportion of white. The black on the heel and the rear outside is a contrast. The eye-catching orange accents make the boat at your foot still not boring. Our conclusion: stylish retrolook!

Traditionally, the Nike Tiempo comes with a K-leather. This does not change with the latest variant! Leather football shoes fetishists are therefore completely at their expense. Nevertheless, a lot has happened on the upper material. The quilting on the top had to give way and was replaced by the so-called Ray Skelet. This is to ensure an improved fit. On the one hand, less liquid, such as mud or water, is required to pass through the material, which frequently results in a swelling of the shoe.

Further innovation is the tongue. This was further shortened as in the Nike Mercurial Vapor X. A return to the overlap tongue like the Nike Tiempo 3, as Francesco Totti desires, falls flat. In addition, the toe box has been improved. The Nike Tiempo Legend 6 is now fitted with a cage to prevent slipping and thus provide more stability. In addition to these new features, the Tiempo also includes the technological features such as the All Condition Control (ACC) and the traditional cleat arrangement on the sole. Nice effect: The flexible TPU sole has on the left shoe the "Tiempo" lettering, on the right the Nike "Swoosh".

The Nike Tiempo Legend 6 is worn by world class defendants like Jerome Boateng, Gerard Pique or Sergio Ramos. And this, although the Tiempo was actually produced for the attack. You see, this multitalent blurs not only the boundaries between modernity and tradition, but also between defense and attack. The new Nike Tiempo Legend is one of the best: Best of both worlds! You can buy the boat for example at, the Nike Football boots Store, in the version with studs for normal lawns (FG) with cam (FG) or for artificial grass (AG) for $86 to buy.

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