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The Nike Mercurial Superfly is probably one of the football boots, which have produced the most notice and hustle and bustle during the release. This is due to the fact that Nike continues the infamous Mercurial series with this shoe, but above all the world wondered: a football shoe with an integrated sock? How does that feel? How is it to play with it?


Especially in this category, the integrated sock plays an important role, because according to the manufacturer, it is to increase the comfort of wear especially around the ankle. We must admit that the Nike Mercurial Superfly needs a certain familiarization phase, because we did not even know as an experienced tester. After about 1 hour we have found it however really pleased and the sock, which consists of a very pleasant material, felt increasingly better.


The shoe is largely made of the famous Nike Skin material, which is very soft and flexible and adapts nicely to the foot. In this case, however, it must be mentioned that the heel area, unlike the rest of the shoe, is quite stiff and hard, which can lead to bubbles or pressure points in the first units. However, this happens after a short time. All in all a very good wearing comfort, to which the new sock also contributes. However, there are prints for the quite stiff heel area.


According to the manufacturer the sock is supposed to increase the stability in the ankle area, which we could not however. If this was really the plan of Nike, then the sock would have to be much harder from the material, which would probably have a great effect on the wearer's comfort. Here, Nike promises a little too much of the Mercurial Superfly, which is not too bad, because the stability is overall very good.


In comparison to the previous Mercurial models, the shoe has a pile more (10 overall), which results in a slightly better traction. As has already been mentioned, the heel region is quite hard, which in the case of one or other bubbles provokes, but it is advantageous for the stability. Thus, the foot is very tight, which is then especially important with short sprints and directional changes.


As far as shooting is concerned, the Nike Mercurial Superfly has a hard legacy because the previous Mercurial models have distinguished themselves especially by a super shot behavior. But the Mercurial Superfly does not need to be hidden. A large contact surface and the thin upper material ensure a really good shot control. The model series seems to continue so and is synonymous with this football shoe still for top freezes, top schlenzer and everything to the shooting to it belongs. Here the shoe convinced us in any case and accordingly our judgment in this category.


There is not much to complain about when it comes to ball feel, because the combination of the tight fit, the thin Nike Skin upper material, which is additionally especially ribbed, offers a good ball feeling overall.


As soon as it rains, the Nike Mercurial Superfly sucks a little above-average with water. This, of course, has a negative effect on ball guidance and dribbling. For this there are small note prints, but if it is not like rain from the rain you will have, as with the previous Mercurial models, your fun at the dribbling.


We have played the Nike Mercurial Superfly for 3 months in almost every weather condition and have not experienced any processing problems. If you are honest you have to expect a football shoe in this price class but also.


Everything else would be a disappointment. One thing, however, we noticed. When playing on artificial grass, the material tends to discolor something which simply passes through the granules on the pitches. However, this does not directly affect the life of the shoe, so that gives only a mini deduction in the evaluation.


It has been a lot of fun to test the Nike Mercurial Superfly FG, because this football shoe is simply a high-class model, where we only have minor points to complain about. Overall a super shoe and definitely recommendable!

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