Adidas launch Copa Gloro 19“Virtuso Pack

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After the initial release of the ‘Virtuso’ pack in four new colourways, adidas have brought out an updated colourway for the Copa Gloro, and you’re going to love them. The Adidas Copa Gloro mimics its COPA 19 cousin with a clean white base with green accents. The main difference between the two is the much brighter green design on the Three Stripes, which sits on the outside of the Gloros rather than on the inside as per the COPA 19.

On April 11, 2019, after the release of the new color matching Virtuso Pack set, Adidas upgraded the color scheme for Copa Gloro19. Virtuso's color scheme has been very popular recently, showing players a new look in the last few games of the season. Gloro released its new color at the latest, and the white-based background was matched with a small fresh green color, bringing us back the white shoes again.

In a refreshing image, Adidas put the new adidas ankle football boots color Copa Gloro 19 football shoes into the "Virtuso Pack" football shoes set released to meet the spring and the upcoming summer, and witness the color of the last boots of the season. Change. Adidas' new "Virtuso Pack" football shoe set offers a new option for players facing the end of the season. As always, Copa Gloro boots are always late. The new color scheme Copa Gloro 19 football shoes continues the color matching of the white upper of the Copa 19 football shoes and the green victory three stripes.

COPA Gloro is more like COPA 19.1, not 19+, not only because of the laces, but also because of the position of the three stripes on the outside. As usual, only the Copa 19+ puts the three stripes on the inside. Of course, Copa Gloro 19 also has a distinctive foldable tongue and a moderate price. The price will still be less than £100.
For grassroots players, Gloro is still a good choice, and it has the closest connection to the traditional Gloro DNA, which provides something that other sneakers can't.

As well as the green popping out more, the Gloros are laced boots compared to their laceless cousins, and this is where they will look excellent on-pitch. Covering the laces is a Predator-style tongue, rather than the traditional shorter Copa Mundial tongue, so you can pretend to be David Beckham for a little bit.
The Copa Gloros might just be the perfect sub-£100 boot. If you’re looking to get back into football and want to look good without overspending, these boots fit that brief perfectly. Get on it.

The adidas Copa Gloro series will continue to be a loyal choice for grassroots players and continue to maintain close contact with Copa DNA. A refreshing and pleasant spring, it's time to prepare for the upcoming season. What do you think of this pair of shoes? Please let us know in the comments section below.

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