Adidas unveils the entire Blue Blast package

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After unveiling the adidas Ace17 + PureControl "Blue Blast" on January 20, adidas presents the entire Blue Blast pack with X 16, Messi 16 and Copa 17.


We waited for him in full, here he is at last. The "Blue Blast" pack is finally available in its entirety. By unveiling only the ACE 17 range of this new color, on January 20, And seeing the successful combination of blue, black and pink (or fluorescent violet), the "teaser" effect worked perfectly and we were looking forward to discovering the look of other shoes in this "Blue Blast" pack.

Compared with the ACE17, the "Blue Blast" color of the X16 gives more room for pink. This color is present on the entire rear part of the pair while the rest of the stem remains blue. The outsole also offers this combination of colors while the cleats and adidas logo are white. The star of the X16 collection remains the X16 + PureChaos with its PureCut system that covers the laces.

The Messi16 "Blue Blast" range is quite similar to the "Speed ​​of Lights" in September. One finds the same blue on the stem but adidas accompanies it this time with a rose / pink gradient. The outsole therefore remains orange while the cleats are white. Star of this collection, the Messi16 + PureAgility retains its PureCut structure that masks the laces. Note that for this pack "Blue Blast", the shoe Messi has the same treatment which has not been the case of the latest packs.


Finally, the Copa17 range offers the most "soft" color. No touch of pink for this silo that wants to be a conservative but a kangaroo leather upper separated into two parts: a blue front and a white rear. The three bands are colored in black. Difficult to know if this model will be to be found on the professional grounds even if players like Lukas Podolski carry this silo in match.

Note that in addition to the adidas ACE17 PureControl that we had the opportunity to test in depth, an alternative color was proposed by the German brand with a touch of white.


The complete "Blue Blast" package in Stadium, Cage, Street and its accompanying textile collection are already available for sale on the website!

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