Adidas X 16 Turbocharge Pack

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A few days ago we already had a first look at the new TURBOCHARGE line of adidas. Then the adidas ACE TURBOCHARGE football shoes were launched. Today it is the turn of the other silo of the German sports brand. The new adidas X football shoes, the shoes for creative players who want to create chaos, are also released by the brand. These are the shoes that are usually worn by stars like Robben, Suarez, Bale, Benzema and, for example, Ziyech. However, all shoes from this pack will not be visible on the fields. Do you want to fool your opponents? Then it's definitely possible with these remarkably colored adidas X shoes. In any case, check all the details of the new TURBOCHARGE X football shoes.



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Adidas's new X soccer shoes have the same color as the Adidas ACE Turbocharge football shoes. These are bright green (solar green). The nose of the shoes is dark green and in the middle of the shoes, this color passes through a spray painted effect in the bright green. Also, the techfit collar or, rather, the single stick of the new adidas X Turbocharge kick is green and includes the design with windows. The adidas performance logo on the sides of the shoes is black and the chassis of the new shoes is also green with round studs! On the other side of the shoes are the X trademark sign in green as well as '' TECHFIT '' and '' NSG. More about this below. Below we tell you why these shoes are perfect for players who want chaos on the field!


The new adidas X TurboCharge football shoes are, of course, refurbished with different technologies, enabling defenders to return to the forest. The shoes are equipped with the PURECUT socking system, techfit® compression top, NON STOP GRIP, SPRINTFRAME tread and PURECHAOS heel lining. Check out the explanation of these technologies below!


First of all, the adidas X Turbocharge football shoes do not contain any laces. These laces are processed on the inside. It brings your foot closer to the ball so you get a better touch. This also leads to an even bigger shooting area, which makes it even more precise when you make speed. The increased socket of this system gives even more support to the feet. This leads to more speed. TechFit comes back in a compression top layer. The TechFit compression upper part closes and perfectly conforms to the shape of the foot. This leads to a pleasant and individual fit and incredible comfort, right after attracting these camouflage soccer shoes. As if this is enough, the top layer also has a layer of NSG. This 3D structure gives you control over all weather conditions, both during rainy days and when there is no rainfall. This 3D structure is reflected optically by the so-called design of thin dots, which appear on the tips of a golf ball. In addition, Midcut technology is new to the X soccer shoes. Midcut is a heel construction that keeps your foot more in place when kicking away in various directions. It makes you even more dynamic and clever, without losing your freedom of movement!


And then to the sole or the base of the TURBO shoes. The bottom of the new X soccer shoes of Adidas are also equipped with the latest materials and technologies to fool opponents. The undersole concerns the so-called SPRINTFRAME outsole. As the name says, this super light sole ensures that you can straighten your opponent and reach high speeds. The staple configuration of these shoes is also unique. This is the so-called CHAOS node configuration. The round studs make it easy for you to loose an opponent while the elongated studs ensure stability!


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