Pretty face! Closer look at Nike Phantom VNM "Black Lux" football shoes

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With the launch of the black/gold color Nike Phantom VNM football shoes, the Nike "Black Lux" football shoe set is finally presented in front of the people with a complete look. As the second color of this new Nike series of boots, the Phantom VNM football shoes in the "Black Lux" suit have a pretty look.

In fact, as early as January of this year, Nike first released the "Black Lux" football shoes set in the United States, but for players outside the United States, they will not be able to sell this new set until 2 months later. The reason why Nike adopts such a sales method is probably to wait until the Phantom VNM of the color scheme is released and appear in front of the consumer in a complete package in order to achieve better sales performance. Anyway, you can finally have the beautiful boots in this suit.

The black upper with traditional football shoes style and gold Nike Swoosh and other details, the new color Phantom VNM boots and other boots in the suit complement each other. As the first football shoe set launched by Nike at the beginning of 2019, the boots in this suit are not as stylish and bright as the subsequent "Game Over" suit, and there is no Nike signing star.

In general, when Nike launches a non-primary boot suit, it often only prepares a version of the FG outsole for the consumer. However, in the new "Black Lux" football shoes set, Nike broke this management for the first time, not only prepared the FG version for the boots in the suit, but also prepared the SG and Anti-Clog versions, I believe that this choice will definitely win Europe. The good feelings of the players.

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