Compare Adidas Copa 17.1 with Copa Mundial

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The Copa Mundial was known for its kangarooder upper material. Also with the highly current Copa 17.1 the upper material consists of 3/4 of kangaroo leather. Real leather lovers can breathe deeply. The rear part of the shoe was given to me by a synthetic leather. The reason for this is the stability as well as the durability.

Loosen shoelaces ... pull the tongue forward ... uuuund and into the buffer. Fits!

You will notice that the shoe fits tightly at the foot when you slip into it. Even if the shoe should be a bit too tight, you can be quite reassured, because the Copa 17.1 FG is still noticeable!


The Adidas Copa 17.1 FG, like the classic Adidas Copa Mundial, is not a football shoe that fits perfectly from 0 to 100. The kangaroo leather needs its time to adapt to the foot. This can also last 2-3 training sessions. Then you have a hammer shoe in terms of comfort. The wait is worth it.


Noticeable in the Copa 17.1 FG is the fold-over compaction tongue. This feature also has a share in wearing comfort. Beside the tongue the ortholite insole could convince us. On the one hand, it is a very comfortable insole and on the other hand it should prevent these unpleasant odors. The one with the odors you should best test yourself!


The overall effect of the shoe is very flexible and pleasant on the foot. The run-in time can be a bit painful, as you already know from other genuine leather shoes. Otherwise, a performance as expected.

Let us begin with stability with a difference between the Copa Mundial and the Copa 17.1. It is the sole of football boots. Unlike the Copa Mundial, the Adidas Copa 17.1 FG does not use a classic round cock bottom. At this point, you will meet a newly designed sprintframe sole. Due to this sole the shoe is not only significantly lighter than the Copa Mundial, but also shows a better grip in our test. Above all, fast directional changes are better stabilized and improve your stability.


Let us return to the upper material. The used kangaroo leather is very hard wearing and stable. So you do not have to worry about intense two-fights. Due to the fact that the rear part of the shoe is made of synthetic material, the stability and also the durability are significantly increased.

The heel cap is very stable and provides additional stability.

Even though the stability of the Adidas Copa 17.1 in contrast to the Copa Mundial has improved in our opinion, is still air up here. However, if Adidas changes the basic model of Copas, the classic touch is lost. A tough decision

The Copa Mundial is loved or hated - as is the Adidas Copa 17.1!



The soft upper material of kangaroo leather, provides a touch of the special kind - direct and genuine! You can feel this feeling as a footballer only with genuine leather shoes. In addition to the natural touch, the foldable tongue also has a positive influence on the ball feeling.


For the classics among you: Adidas consciously refrains from innovative features, which should improve or change your ball feeling. According to the motto "less is more" the connection to the Copa Mundial is established.


On the whole, the feel of the ball is almost identical to that of the Copa Mundial and is still something special!

This question has worked us intensively during the testings. Of course, the large flap also has its advantages such as in the category wear comfort. However, this has disturbed us somewhat during the shooting and fitting. The tongue can be folded over easily. In addition, we have fixed these with a rubber band around the shoe even more tightly. So really old school.


Passports and flanks with the inside and outside are easy and good to play. In the case of the full-span shots, the "flap problem" can be considered. Every kicker has to decide how to handle it.

The particularly good touch has a good influence on the shot and pass behavior. So we are at this point rather divided opinion.


At the Copa Mundial we had our problems with the lifetime. Especially the fast drying upper material made us afraid.

With the Adidas Copa 17.1 FG it is different. After our tests we were able to look calmly at the couple. The quality of the shoes is good and we appreciate the durability very high (2-3 seasons). The wear will be much higher on artificial grass places than on natural grassy areas.

The kangaroo leatherder needs an intensive care after use to stay supple and flexible. Grab leather grease, a bucket of water and a brush. Take some time and you have a long time with your Adidas Copa 17.1!


The Adidas Copa 17.1 FG was convincing in the wear, comfort and durability categories.
The stability is still further expandable, for a classic however very good. Each player must have his or her own experience with the flap when shooting and passing.
The mix of innovation and classic is Adidas overall successful. We like it!

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