How to buy a Football boot? Full Guide!

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Football Boots are important in an athlete for the safety and performance. Whether in field or futsal football, when choosing the equipment, the player must consider several factors to ensure their performance. In this article, we'll give you a step-by-step guide on how to choose the ideal football boot for you - for football or futsal - and also indicate the top models on the market.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Boot
Comfort: The sneakers should fit at the player's foot, without squeezing at some point or leaving loose at another. Comfort is directly linked to athlete performance. If the boot is not comfortable on your foot, how do you expect to get a good performance in play?

Price: Before you start looking for various models, set how much you would like to spend. There are good models in the most diverse price ranges. So it is important to set this goal first - this way you avoid unnecessary spending.

Traction: A good boot needs to ensure excellent traction on the ground. Overall, football is a game that requires jerky movements and changes of direction in a short period of time. Good footwear needs to ensure traction so that the athlete can safely carry out his activity.

Cushioning: The intensity of the sport causes great pressure on the player's feet. With this, sneakers need to be designed to absorb the shock of various movements, such as running, kicking and jumping.

Do not cling to well-known brands: incredible as it may seem, not always the best known brands such as Adidas, Puma, Nike, Umbro will have the perfect boot model for your foot. But calm, do not "priem cânico"! At the time you try out, try also to fit lesser-known brand models. Always remember: comfort first.

Besides these essential tips, the choice of the boot will also depend on some important factors, being:
the surface on which you will play (futsal? field football?)
the position in which you usually play
your style of play
Strikers for attacker, defense and midfield
Longer and "pointed" shoes are indicated for those who play in the attack, as they provide greater agility and control for the athlete. Nike, Puma and Adidas usually produce excellent cleats for professional players.

If you tend to play defensively, comfort and fill are the most important things you should look for - Umbro's cleats tend to be well-judged on these characteristics. The only disadvantage of these boots is that they can decrease performance in "running shots".

Now, if you play in the middle of the field, more versatile cleats may be the best choice. More rounded models tend to be ideal as they are designed to give greater precision in ball pass and crosses.

football shoes for salon, field and society
It is important that the cleats are suitable for the type of field you normally play, because the required traction will be different for each type of ground. A lot of people end up buying two types of cleats - one for futsal and one for field football - to ensure pleasant moments in any condition.

The football boot of salon is the most distinguished of the models, because its solado is smooth, without no latch. Now, when it comes to society's boot and field, things can get a bit more confusing (but nothing you can not beat! Hehe).

If the subject is a synthetic grass field, the sole is very similar to that of the footballs of salon football - they are not completely smooth, because it has "dimples" that give good adhesion. Incidentally, they are called Astro solos.

In field football, the number of required locks on the boot is lower, but the locks are large - to allow for more stability in the field. Usually these boots can come with 6 or 10 locks. Remember that the more locks, the greater the mobility. If you play in attack positions and midfield, those of 10 locks are more indicated. If you play in defense or goal (positions that require more stability), those of 6 locks are more indicated.

By the way, if you run into boots with adjustable metal locks (of different heights), do not be confused: these boots are designed for use on wet and muddy terrain, where slippage and jam are two constant problems. They can also be used in dry fields.

The right shoes for society have smaller locks and provide good performance in low grass (or even grassless) fields.

The Top Boots of the Market
Mizuno Morelia
It is one of the players' favorite choices all over the world thanks to its design and its possibilities of adjustment. The Mizuno Morelia boot is a great choice for athletes looking for lightweight and comfortable equipment.

The footwear offers more traction and flexibility in the indoor floors, besides having the toecap with reinforced seam that protects against damages.

Some offers:
Nike Mercurial Victory CR7 Youth
Nike Mercurial Vortex II IC
Nike Mercurial Victory V FG
Adidas Messi 15

Obviously, the boot that bears the name of the four-ball champion gold player needs to be special. These boots were made to win, just like Messi. They feature unique traction and agility, giving the athlete great precision in their movements.

The structure of the Adidas Messi 15 offers much more speed. In addition to allowing better control and touch of the ball, it has innovative technologies that have never been used by the brand and were developed to meet the Argentine player.

Some offers:
Adidas Messi 15.4 TF
Adidas Messi 15.3 IC
Adidas Messi 15.4 Country Football

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