Matteo Gondozi (Arsenal) - adidas Predator 19+

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Whose classic boots were worn this week? We have presented the world's best shoe show in the past seven days, and it's time to see who caught our attention. Ready from the latest football shoes to the classics, as well as some custom niche shoes? Let's start with the latest list of boots.
Paul Dibala (Juventus) - adidas COPA 19+
The most interesting game of the weekend was a highlight of Serie A, and Juventus performed well against AC Milan. It was on this grand occasion that Argentine striker Paul Di Bara chose to replace the latest COPA 19+ Virtuso Pack color. In this game, Dibala scored a penalty equalizer, although the penalty kick The penalty is quite far-fetched.


Matteo Gondozi (Arsenal) - adidas Predator 19+

After wearing the Adidas Predator Accelerator ZZ on the training ground, Arsenal's midfielder Gondozi changed to a new color last week. The Frenchman put on the Gunners' 0-1 loss to Everton. The latest "Virtuso Pack" color scheme Predator 19+.
Eric Maxim Shubo Motin (Paris Saint-Germain) - PUMA ONE 19.1

A turbulent match between Paris Saint-Germain and Strasbourg became dramatic due to the presence of a person. Eric Maxim Shubo Moting helped the team score early in the game. However, his team needs to win in order to take a victory. At the last moment of the game, he is inexplicably Blocked Christopher Enkun's goal. It was all done while he was wearing PUMA Hacked Pack ONE 19.1. In the end, Paris Saint-Germain will draw a 2-2 draw, and winning the French champion in advance must wait until next week...
Sam Cole (Australia) - Nike Mercurial Superfly VI

The two heavyweight contenders of the Women's World Cup last week met in a friendly match, and the Australian women's team played against the American women's football team. Australia's "Amulet Strike" Sam Kerr played in the Nike Mercurial Superfly VI LVL UP, but eventually the team lost 3-5 to the American women's football team.
Denis Suarez (Arsenal) - Nike Total 90 Laser I

Dennis Suarez hasn’t played much in Arsenal recently, so to comfort himself, he bought a pair of re-released T90 Laser I and gotten on last week’s training.
Adama Traore (Wolves) - Nike Mercurial GS360

In preparation for this weekend's FA Cup semi-final match at Wembley, Wolves winger Adama Trauley put on a pair of Nike iD Mercurial GS360 football shoes during training. He contrasted the design with a black hind foot and a volt yellow with a leopard print. Despite this, he did not bring the team to the finals, the Wolves lost a heartbreaking goal in overtime, the game ended with 2-3.
Jordan Ibi (Bournemouth) - Nike Mercurial GS360,a line football boots

Another person wearing a personalized Mercurial GS360 football shoe during training is Jordan Iby. The winger chose a classic black and white contrast design to make the whole pair of shoes look cleaner and tidy.
Harry Winks (Tottenham) - adidas Predator 19.1

This week, the Spurs team held their first game at their new stadium, and midfielder Harry Winks dressed up for the game. He chose a pair of Adidas Predator Predator 19.1 Beckham x Zidane for the 25th anniversary of Predator. Especially when the Tottenham team beat the Crystal Palace 2-0, the Winks shoes are even more complementary.
Declan Rice (West Ham) - adidas Predator 19+

Recently, he made a lot of major decisions for Declan Rice. It seems that he changed the "Exhibit Pack" adidas Predator 19+ in training. But before that, the British international has been wearing Nike Tiempo Legend VII.
Jose Campana (Levante) - Nike CTR360 Maestri II

Levante midfielder Jose Campana last week put on a pair of Nike CTR360 Maestri II released in 2012. If Nike wants to re-release other replica soccer shoes, then CTR360 is one of the best choices.
Osman Dembele (Barcelona) - Nike Mercurial Vapor XII

Osman Dembele has been absent from injury in recent games, but he is working hard in the direction of comeback in the recent Barcelona training. Osman Dembele put on a pair of Mercurial Vapor XII inspired by the 2002 Mercurial Vapor, which was then called the "Heritage Pack" suit, inspired by the iconic Mercurial of the last five World Cups.
Kurt Zuma (Everton) - Nike Hypervenom Phantom

Before Everton won the impressive Arsenal victory, Kurt Zuma decided to put on a pair of 2015 old shoes on the training ground. He wore the Nike Hypervenom Phantom I in the "Highlight Pack" during training. Due to its super-adapted NikeSkin upper, the first generation of Hypervenom still has a large number of followers.
Valentino Lazar (Hertha Berlin) - adidas Glitch19

Berlin's central defender Valentino Lazar changed slightly during the training last week. The Austrians chose Glitch19's F50 boots to pay tribute to the 2004 F50 + Spider. But in the official game he returned to Exhibit Skin boots, and the team lost 1-2 to Düsseldorf.

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