Messi trained with Adidas Nemeziz, his new boots for the next season

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UPDATE: Messi returned to training with a blackout of the new Adidas Nemeziz, and this time we have better quality images with which we updated the post.


A few days ago we could see Leo Messi in FC Barcelona training with black boots that were not his usual model. The boots with which I was training the Argentine crack were nothing more and nothing less than the Adidas Nemeziz, the next silo that will replace the current one that uses.


As you know, the Argentine player has been using his own exclusive Adidas Messi silo for almost 2 years, designed with the collaboration of the footballer himself to exploit its main characteristics such as agility and speed.


It is expected that by June 2017 (or perhaps at the end of May if FC Barcelona reaches the Champions League final), the new Adidas Nemeziz football boot silo will be launched, whose technical name will be Nemeziz 17 - you know that Now Adidas names the generation according to the year in which it is launched.


Those were precisely the boots that saw Leo Messi training the other day with Barca, of course in blackout. It was exactly the Adidas Nemeziz 17.1, which, like its current Adidas Messi 16.1, will have an older sister with a "cordless" design called Nemeziz 17+ 360Agility.


Thanks to the photos of the training, which are not at all of poor quality, we can see the silhouette and the first technical details of the next boots of Messi for the season 2017 - 2018. For starters, the Argentine player will continue to carry the version With laces. It seems that Leo does not like the "cordless" design that Adidas innovated earlier this season in his football boots.


At first sight, and with respect to the Adidas Messi 16.1, the first images show us boots with a rather high tongue but already integrated in the boot, unlike the minimalist tongue of his current boots. However, it does not appear to be either a Mid Cut style necklace like the Messi 16+ PureAgility.


The area of the heel also seems different from being a little higher than normal, perhaps to protect the Achilles tendon, a very dangerous area to suffer major injuries in football. The sensation at sight is that the boot is very tight to the foot, so the casing must be made of very fine material and technology that ensures a great fit and above all a great hold.


As far as we know, the motto of the new silo Adidas Nemeziz will remain Unlock Agility, so the function of these boots will continue to be to exploit the agility of the player. That yes, this time Adidas intends that this silo be supported in the field by more professional players besides Messi.


As already happens with Cristiano Ronaldo and the Mercurial (and also in his moment happened with the Adidas F50), Messi will have his own version of the Nemeziz with exclusive colourway, while other players that pass to this new silo will carry the Colourway of the commercial collections. As seen in their social networks, it is expected that for example Draxler and Filipe Luis carry the cordless version of the Nemeziz.

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