New Mercury Trailer - Nike Mercurial Vapor Flyknit Ultra FG Black

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Flyknit Ultra modeling and continues to follow the traditional Vapor design for low, at the same time, this is the second low-cost Nike shoes. The Nike Mercurial Vapor Flyknit Ultra FG Black shoes are very sense of line of shoes will be the top assassin, which also marks the low assassin has officially entered the era of knitting.

The line on the side of the shoe has not changed, the extremely low center of gravity design and streamlined shoe body, the whole looks very slim and smooth. This is the introduction of the whole black version, so the side of the shoe Swoosh hidden in the entire upper, but there will be a detailed outline of the outline.

On this pair of Flyknit Ultra really the essence of the part, is bound to start from this new Flyknit Ultra fabric material, although all the fabric uppers, but this time the new Flyknit Ultra and Superfly V in the upper fabric compared to significantly more compact, more tough. The result is that fabric uppers which will become thinner, and the outer layer of the film hot melt has been upgraded, the overall showing a matte color matte texture.

Another of the most prominent features of the shoe body is the dense pattern (Speed Ribs). Compared to the texture in the current Assassin 11, the Speed Ribs in the Flyknit Ultra are more stereoscopic, with a rough feel similar to sandpaper, with a very pronounced coefficient of friction.

After the low poison zone III, Flyknit Ultra is the second Nike shoes with low to help the upper shoes. The fabric can satisfy the convenience for wearing shoes, and will take into account the fabric wrapped itself well. And low fabric will help for those who like to cut the collar of the shoe.

The heel of the shoes can be seen on the outer side with “Flyknit Ultra” words, the overall texture is very good. With the middle, you can see the same use of relief craft Mercurial word, which is also reflected from another side of its pure assassin pedigree.And all of Flyknit Ultra are produced in Italy, so that the quality can be ensured.

The cool black football shoes created a mysterious low-key appearance for it, and also the punchline of the argenteous shoe sole is the process with chrome plating. The metal bottom with black upper gives a very science fiction and the feeling like going the future.

There is no upgrade in outsole design and lspike layout, it still uses the current assassin 11 prototype. Iconic according to the outline of the foot contour corresponding to the lines, and very explosive V-type spikes are dominated by the green field killer.
Four hobnail heel are used the same V sharp spikes, to ensure the stability and continue to strengthen the speed attribute. The weight of a single shoe is 179 grams (JP275). This weight is pretty good at the moment, and it's really a masterpiece of lightweight football shoes.

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