Ray Diamond Light - Nike CR7 Exclusive Chapter 5 Mercurial Superfly V Appreciation

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Our task today is to see Nike for Cristiano Ronaldo launched the fifth chapter exclusive signature boots: Cut to Brilliance!

The theme of this chapter is "Cut to Brilliance" can be seen as before "Natural Diamond" series sequel, one of the sequels to the CR7 signature series Chapter 5 Madeira Island out of the juvenile is like huge potential of the original drill, after experiencing the grinding carved, the final shiny dazzling diamond.


As the chief spokesperson of the assassin series, before the assassin did not replace, C Ronaldo exclusive nature is based on the current assassin eleven to build, high-collar shoes and streamlined shoes body has long been the most recognizable design of assassin soccer shoes.

The inside of shoe body white large CR7 logo always reminds people that this is the glory of Cristiano Ronaldo.

In order to highlight the gorgeous color light, the upper to add the color of the yarn, in order to reflect the diamond cutting design, the upper in the hot melt film also presents a different layering (matte white and transparent alternately).
The black Swoosh hook on the upper is also fit with the upper diamond cut pattern, the design is quite good.

Foot inside the back of the CR7 logo is the use of a hot bonding process, in fact, there is still diamond cutting lines.
Shoes, followed by raised the PU on the words "El Sueno Del Nino" translated as "childhood dream", and further down is C Ronaldo officially joined the Real Madrid days, the meaning of the link is "to join Real Madrid is my childhood dream ", which is commonly known as" children dream ". The bottom with a diamond cut the end of the pattern, echos this theme.
Shoes heel on the outside of the place still can see words of Mercurial, but this time in the process of Nike made a small upgrade. Before the Nike CR7 exclusive Mercurial here is hot bonding with the PU material to achieve, the overall showing a similar to the relief of the three-dimensional sense. This design is of course more prominent in the visual, but the raised font in the scratch when the risk of falling off. This time Nike learn well, on this basis, so that the font embedded in some of the upper, the font is not so strong three-dimensional, but also to some extent to avoid the font by scratching off the hidden dangers.
Compared with other brands of pure AG, Nike main push of the AG-PRO does not have any advantage, but have to say AG-PRO in the appropriate site is absolutely no fault, it is in fact limited domestic grass quality grass.But Nike has recently begun to adjust, at the level of Victory also began to re-launch AG-R, but for most people, this is far enough, looking forward to AG-R back to the top, the top is the most people’s expectations.
Insole material is not much bright spot, is still the top configuration of the Ortholite, but the insole itself is relatively soft, positive anti-skid effect in general. If it is the pursuit of actual combat people suggested to replace even toe insoles, then it does not matter.

Insole with printed on top of the diamond cut pattern, is printed in the middle of CR7 and Nike Swoosh, the outermost circle is confirmed C Ronaldo the goal of the machine's terrorist efficiency, C Ronaldo is the fastest completion of the Spanish 50, 100, 150 and 250 players, but also the first time a season for all La Liga opponents have scored the goal of the players.


The weight of a single shoe is 222.3 grams (JP270), Nike has not been lightweight in the past few times the requirements of lightweight, so the weight of shoes alone is not a measure of the only standard shoes.

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