Nike football boots for the 2018 World Cup

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1. Nike Mercurial football boots
2. Nike Hypervenom football shoes
3. Nike Magista football shoes
4. Nike Tiempo football shoes

The American brand presented the 4 shoes that have been present in Russia during the 2018 World Cup. In just over a month, it has kicked off the sporting event of the year, the World Cup to be held in Russia. The world of football has been on the 31st  June. Nike is aware and we unveiled the collection of shoes that we will see at the feet of his players. They come under the name and famous slogan "Just Do It". The new collection of Nike football boots Just do it.

The boots of the pack "Just Do It" arrive with a detail that does not go unnoticed: the white color of the 4 shoe bodies of Mercurial, Hypervenom, Magista and Tiempo silos. Indeed Nike manages in this way to ensure that the viewer can easily identify which players wear Nike shoes.

In order to be able to distinguish the different silos, the Americans have decided to include color details as well on the outline of the swoosh decal that appears on the body of the shoe, as on the soles. Similarly, the soles have a chrome finish giving the shoes a more aggressive and attractive appearance. The logo on the body of the shoe of the 4 models appears in gray with a metallic effect. Last detail, Nike included a triangle at the heel of each shoe. The 32 lines that make up the triangle represent the 32 countries that have been fighting for the world title.

The silo found at the feet of players as decisive as Robert Lewandowski, Harry Kane or Edinson Cavani is characterized by a reinforced shoe body. Various reactive panels were placed on the ball strike zone as well as a 3D texture on the whole body of the Flyknit shoe.

Created for the player of control, we found these shoes in Russia at the feet of players such as Andrés Iniesta, André Gomes or Sergio Busquets, who will be the masters of the game of their selection. Two options are offered: a Flyknit or Kangalite shoe body. This silo is one of the most complete in the Nike collection.

Finally, we have the shoes known as the "classics" of Nike. This is the Nike Tiempo line that offers a soft kangaroo leather on the body of the shoe combined with a Flyknit structure to achieve a perfect balance between the touch of ball and lightness. The Nike Tiempo boots of this defensive line have been worn by Gérard Piqué, Raphael Varane or Sergio Ramos. The new Nike "Just Do It" football boots collection have been available on

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Hi, i'm from Papua New Guinea in the pacific and I would want to place an order for a mercurial superfly y vapor 360 elite FG . How much would it cost?

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