Nike Hypervenom Phinish II Leather

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Recently, I had the opportunity to test the Nike Hypervenom Phinish II Leather of the brand Tech Craft Pack in the FG version. With their black and orange, still relatively simple in the color, I wanted to look, how far the shoe can convince also in terms of the combination of fly-knit and kangarooder qualitatively. Here is our first-look review about the Hypervenom Phinish II in the leather version.


Processing and materials:
The Hypervenom Phinish II is almost the sister model of the Hypervenom Phatal II and Hypervenom Phantom II, both of which are equipped with Nike typical Dynamic Fit Collar, but otherwise very similar in design. The first thing to notice is that Nike's leather version of the Hypervenom Phinish II is not entirely based on syntethics. The front part of the shoe consists of a very high-quality and soft-feeling kangaroo. This is provided with a certain stripe structure. This is partly due to the Nike Flywire technology, on the other hand it is probably simply chosen for design reasons.


The kangaroo is very soft and high quality and is very comfortable to wear. In addition, the surface is equipped with Nike ACC - All Condition Control, which should optimize the ball treatment in all weather conditions. The rear part of the shoe is made of synthetic material, but I like it with a pleasantly padded heel. Inside, the Nike Hypervenom Phinish II is a very comfortable fly-knit.


The flap and the shoelaces are very thin and thus maximize the ball control of the wearer. Nike even speaks of "tongues" and really can not be called a flap - but good. The transition between the upper shoe and the flap is almost seamless. With ball touches you can find nothing on the shoe, which could be somehow in the way, it feels very directly. What is unfortunately a little negative is the places between the transition of the leather to the fly knit. While these transitions on the surface seem very well processed, the processing, with my copy, in the area of ​​the shoelaces qualitatively but somewhat worse. And the transition between Oberschuh and the sole seemed to me not to be completely seamlessly glued. However, the just bleating is at a very high level. All in all the selected materials are very coherent. The "preformed, perforated insole with an integrated heel cap for a secure fit and a reduced pint pressure" is not so special, as Nike emphasizes on the website. The sole is made of a nylon chassis with Pebax plate - a plastic that is impermeable to water, very stable and not completely hard. This material is so light that the shoe has just a 202g very low overall weight. The FG version comes with 6 rounds plus a somewhat triangular stolle therefore, at the hoe are again 4 further cleated.


Fit and comfort:
As expected, the Nike Hypervenom Phinish is narrow and small. So first of all, order a size larger. However, the shoe is not necessarily suitable for wide feet, so it can not necessarily compensate. Nike remains faithful to its reputation of building narrow shoes. My personal highlight is the upper material of Kinneruleder of the new Tech Craft Pack. Very comfortable to wear and the thin lace-up tapes and very fluid transitions between the tab and the upper material, ensure a great ball feeling no matter which part of the shoe you play the ball. The soft kangarooder at the front end of the shoe provides for more comfort. The arrangement of the studs offers great traction with fast direction changes. In addition, there is no punctual "pushing" of individual studs even with one-sided load. The wearing comfort is therefore also guaranteed when hooking.


The Hypervenom Phinish II Leather of the Tech Craft Pack from Nike gets an extra class shoe. Packed with everything Nike has to offer with the latest football shoe technology and the latest design you get on every football field to the "Hingucker" and definitely has a high-quality product. In addition, the shoe feels damn comfortable and light (weight: 207 grams). Since this is a first impression of the shoe, we can not offer any long-term experience with the Hypervenom Phinish II in the leather variant, which could reveal possible material weaknesses or weaknesses in wearing comfort.

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