Nike introduces the Hypervenom Phantom III

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January 16, 2017, Nike has officially introduced the Hypervenom Phantom 3. This third edition of the silo launched in 2013 offers many innovations. Presentation.

As for the release of the Nike Tiempo Legend VI, the new Hypervenom III was presented in Munich. After a second mixed version, Nike put a lot on this third generation to definitely install the Hypervenom as a must-have shoe of the market. To do this, the comma mark imagined the Hypervenom III around two main axes: the demarcation and the goal.


This is no longer a secret, the Hypervenom will be the shoe of advanced attackers, foxes of surfaces, strikers. Players who wear this pattern should be obsessed with the goals. And to help them score as many goals as possible, Nike has decided to include Flyknit technology (one-piece stitch already on the Magista Obra or Mercurial Superfly) for the first time on this silo To create a new outsole and new cuts.


"It is a shoe of striker. All the elements of this shoe were designed to score goals, "says Max Blau, Vice President of Nike Football. The Hypervenom III is therefore based on technologies based on this objective, such as the many small Poron® pads (polyurethane material designed to better absorb and distribute shocks) integrated directly into the Flyknit upper.


These small pellets will notably favor a more precise ball feel and offer a kind of assistance for the shots in order to offer drier ball strikes, in the manner of the evoPOWER of Puma. These Poron® pellets with a thickness of 2mm will be present mainly on the "striking zone" which encompasses the inside of the foot, the instep and all the front of the foot. This "strike zone" being considered the fatal weapon of strikers. It should also be noted that these structures in relief are a kind of nod to the honeycomb structure of the first Hypervenom launched in 2013.



"We wanted the stem of the Hypervenom III to be softer and more flexible, and we knew we had to use Flyknit to achieve that goal," said Dylan Van Atta, the pair's designer. "We applied relief textures only where it was necessary to maintain good flexibility, good comfort and good feel." The new stem of the Hypervenom will therefore be separated into two parts Colors: the "striking zone" (in orange for the launching color) and the external part of the foot (in yellow-green) for the famous counter-calls to better stand out.


To allow the feet to fit well into the pair, the Hypervenom III uses three meters of Flywire cables on the stem (instead of one meter for the previous Hypervenom) with a lateral lacing system. In this way, players will be able to adjust the tightening of their shoes without being compressed and remaining stable on the lateral movements. The advantage of lateral lacing is also to allow a larger surface for touching or ball hitting.


But the adjustments to the lateral stability do not stop here. Indeed, one of the big innovations of the Hypervenom III concerns the rising collar Dynamic Fit. First, the hiking shoe will now be called Hypervenom Phantom III DF (for Dynamic Fit). Secondly, as expected, the Dynamic Fit of this new version remains completely different from that of the Magista Obra 2 and the Mercurial Superfly V. Its particularity? Its asymmetrical cut, rising on the internal part of the ankle and which descends progressively towards the external part of the ankle.



Dylan Van Atta justfie this choice: "This asymmetric cut makes it possible to compensate the extreme twists of the ankle up to 10 mm. The Hypervenom III thus reflects this characteristic of the foot. "


The other major change is the high-end, low-cut version of the Hypervenom which will now be called Hypervenom Phantom III and no longer Hypervenom Phinish, which disappears forever. This low version will also feature a Flyknit rod, which is a great first for a low-cut football boot. Neither the Magista Opus nor the Mercurial Vapor have had the right to this honor until now.


The other important and differentiating element of the Hypervenom Phantom III is the absence of tongue and this new low cut that draws the contours of the ankle.


Finally, the latest addition to the Hypervenom III is the introduction of the Hyper-Reactive sole which combines Pebax, a plastic material already present on Hypervenom II, and reinforced nylon for better stability.


"The Hyper-Reactive sole has been designed and designed for six years," said Dylan Van Atta. "Inspired by the Nike Free sole to create an even more flexible insole at the front of the foot that remains in contact with the ground when the heel is in the air when changing direction. "The Hypervenom III also offers unprecedented traction, designed after numerous laboratory studies, which would optimize lateral displacements. There are therefore new hexagonal studs on the inner part of the foot and herringbone studs on the outer part of the foot.


"The hexagonal studs allow better rotation and thrust, which will help players to move more confidently, while the rafters on the outer side favor lateral and medial traction," says Van Atta.



To avoid chafing of the foot and therefore the bulbs, Nike also thought to introduce its NikeGrip technology on the insole. Overall, this new Hypervenom III remains even lighter than previous versions with a weight of 196g. "We tried 200 prototypes before finding the perfect balance for the players. Focusing on the style of the attackers, we created the ultimate shoe for the striker, "concludes Max Blau.

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