Nike Launch Mercurial Vapor XI 'Black History Month'

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The game we love can inspire changes in society, and today, Nike launches the brand's boots to Black History Month 2018 to focus on equality. Check out the fast-paced Nike Mercurial Vapor here.

For years, it has been a tradition for Nike to show their support for the Black History Month through all sports. In 2015, Nike launched a Superfly BHM, and in 2016 it was Magista, which was used to change society's mindset. This means that the 2018 edition, a Nike Mercurial Vapor XI BHM, will be the third time the football world gets to see a boots that focus on equal rights and a fair world.

It is clear that racism and inequality has nothing to do here in the world, but in spite of it, both are unfortunately a part of reality. 2017 was a year when the sports world came forward to focus on some serious issues in the world. The NFL player, Colin Kaepernick, who did not stand for the American national melody was a brave decision, resulting in huge support in various sports around the world. Nike's view of this matter is clear, and now they allow both athletes and the people to express their opinion in the fight against inequality.

The Nike Mercurial Vapor XI Black History Month is carried by two football players who have themselves been exposed to racism of the worst kind. Dani Alves is known to be a mood bomb, and when a banana was thrown in 2014, he poured the fruit up, ate it and kicked his corner as if nothing had happened.

Kevin Prince Boateng has also become a front figure in the fight against racism in football. As he played for AC Milan, he was denied a whole game after the opponent's fans exposed him to racist appeal. It was the first time ever that such a reaction was seen, and it has created a precedent for the whole sports world.

Both Dani Alves and Kevin Prince Boateng will wear the boots this week and throughout the month of February, which is the Black History Month. Boots are limited edition and are available for sale only in limited quantities. So you need to be quick if you need to secure a couple. Get ready, where they come online on our website. And then it is also very appropriate that Monday January 15 is Martin Luther King Day.

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