Nike is ready with the next chapter in the CR7 story, Read more about how Ronaldo became the Born Leader.

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Over the past couple of years, Nike has told the story of CR7's life and the legacy he has created. Now they are ready for the second last chapter of history. We move into his present life and the achievements he has achieved with the Portuguese national team, focusing on the victory at the European Championships in France.

You can say many things about Ronaldo, but one thing one can not take from him is that he lives and breathes for football. He has almost won all that can be won as a football player, both for club and national team. Now he just chases the missing trophy in the collection, namely the World Cup trophy. There's hardly a better way than to do it in a whole new pair of Chapter 6 Superfly boots?

This chapter honors Ronaldo's time as a leader in the Portuguese national team. Ronaldo got the tie for the first time at the age of 22 and became the permanent leader of the national team the following year. He has since made the record for most matches, and builds on this record battle after battle. But even when he does not play, he plays a huge role for the team. This was precisely something he proved in the final at the EM final round in 2016.

Is there a better way to pay tribute to Portugal's captain than to make a whole new pair of Nike Mercurial Superfly 6 CR7 Chapter 6: Born Leader, full of details? Where should we start? Well let's start with the colors. The color of the boots may seem familiar and you might want to remember back to Portugal's outfit as they used at the EM final round in 2016. It is almost possible that Nike celebrates the victory in the finals by using the same colors as their outfit shirt. Nike has also added this color to Portugal's new outfit, which the national team will use during the summer's final round in Russia.

However, the color relates to more than their victory in the final, it also refers to the history of the Portuguese navy. Portugal has always been a country that has been driven by exploration of new areas at sea. The color associates the boot with the ocean that former explorers crossed to find new lands and cultures. Nike has also incorporated some additional elements that connect explorers, captains and Portugal. Nike has added a captain's "C" inside a typical Army sphere, as can be seen in the Portuguese national team logo. In addition, Nike has made a gesture for the explorations by giving the Nike logo an exploratory design, so you can really sense that exploration travel was the essential inspiration for the boot.

On the back of the heel you can see 3 colors, which are also used on Portugal's national team shirts. The colors are a homage to the home and outfit, and the color and the color of the logo are made of gold. Which is the same color as the home the shirt's pressure is made in.

In order to incorporate the outfield sweater into the boot, besides wearing the same color as on the previous outfit, Nike has also added cross-like patterns under the boot. These patterns are also some looking at the new outfit that Portugal will use here this summer for the World Cup in Russia, however, they are made in the same color as the boot.

The boots are an amazing way to celebrate the story, such as Ronaldo and Co. have achieved with Portugal. You can almost sense the passion Ronaldo has for his country and when he plays national team matches.

With these words, you can truly realize that Ronaldo is ready for the summer World Cup final in Russia, and for another trophy for the collection. We can not wait to see him in action in the new boots and Portugal's new outfit shirt!

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