Nike present Tiempo Legend 7

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A few days ago we present a limited edition of what would be the new generation of Nike Tiempo football boots and today with the official launch we tell all the news that we find in comparison to its last version to see how far this has evolved this Line of boots.


Let's start by talking about the housing of the Nike Tiempo which is, in my opinion, the most important element of this model. We have premium kangaroo skin, top quality skin that offers sensational softness, comfort and feel. Also in this new version Nike releases the entire shell of seams achieving a cleaner finish.



The one-piece housing also incorporates a modification in the tongue. It is still in one piece but instead of using a synthetic material for this element Flyknit wire is implemented from the tab to the base. In the tab the thickness of the Flyknit protects us from the tension of the cords and its elasticity makes it easier to put on the boot.


Due to lack of seams in the leather case, the Americans incorporate FitMesh technology, an internal mesh that fulfills the same function as the old seams, to ensure that the skin does not yield excessively in order to continue to support while expanding To conform to the shape of our feet.



If we move to the boot chassis here we find that between the kangaroo skin and the FitMesh there are two more layers that influence the final finish. The FoamSkeleton is the first layer under the skin, the one responsible for providing more protection and greater protection thanks to its 3D finish. The second layer of nylon is the one that improves the comfort of the casing so that the different layers are not aggressive.


Inside, looming through the loop, we can also appreciate that Flywire technology returns to the timeline, and for many years this did not happen since after the Elite versions that Nike took from Tiempo IV the Americans eliminated this technology from its Classic line and now comes back with the same Flywire that incorporates the line Hypervenom.


We finished with the sole, a sole that in its seventh generation has undergone important changes. The new Hyperstability plate is lighter and more reactive than its predecessor but what stands out most are the tacos. A combination of conical studs in the front portion (to encourage rotation) with two stud triads, which are combined with laminated studs in the heel.

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