Tribute to classic, Nike released Hypervenom GX limited edition football shoes

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Over the years, Nike's factory in Montebelluna has such a high reputation in football boots industry . It is not only responsible for the development and testing of the latest Nike football boots, but also providing custom-fitted boots for Nike’s professional football players.


Today, in order to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the birth of Nike's 1997 Air GX football boots, Nike designedly launched a re-engraved Hypervenom GX to commemorate this special moment.


In 1996, Nike opened a shoe factory in Montebelluna, Italy. Where they will only produce the best quality football boots. Over the years, this pursuit of the ultimate attitude and high quality commitment has been maintained. Today, one of the main tasks of this factory is to produce the customized version of the boots for Nike's players. So when you see Azar or C Lo wears a pair of football shoes, they must all be made in Monteberlla, Italy.


Nowadays, Nike released a new Nike Hypervenom Air GX football shoes. The first limited edition version of the Nike Air GX was born in this factory in 1997, and this pair of shoes is playing a very important role in the history of Nike football boots. In order to pay tribute to the great history, and with modern football standards, the new Nike Hypervenom GX continues the first version of the Air GX classic appearance, the side of the shoe body wave line to create enduring aesthetics.


The new 2017 replica vamp selected high-end Alegria kangaroo skin, and also incorporated the latest Nike Flyknit fabric uppers. That makes it a perfect glory between modernity and tradition. Lightweight fabric vamps also make the engraved version 35% lighter than the first edition of the Air GX. From the appearance point of view, the new Nike Hypervenom GX looks a bit like a technology ingenuity version of the Hypervenom III. However, in fact, there is the essential difference in the structure of the upper. On the Hypervenom GX, the kangaroo leather upper is sewn  on the Flyknit uppers directly, but not mix together with Flyknit like the craftsmanship. And that can make upper much thinner and even softer.


In order to pay tribute to the Italian factory and the master craftsmen, the logo of Montebelluna is found on the bag, sockliner, and heel, along with the colors of the Italian flag. Italy’s flag is also woven in as a label on the lateral side. All this clearly shows that the producing area of the shoes is Italy.


In addition, each of us can expect Milan Derby to see the Nike Hypervenome GX figure. AC Milan’s Andre Silva and Inter Milan's Ekardi will wearing Hypervenom GX on behalf of their respective teams played.

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