Nike sells new Premier 2.0 black and silver colour

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New shoes for New Year's,Nike Premier 2.0 also ushered in its new black and silver color. This sneaker is almost as classic and simple as any color scheme, and it is impressive.
The body of the shoe is mainly black, the tongue and tick mark are silvery white, and the small hook on the tongue is black. The sole is also black, only silvery white at the end of the stud. The texture of the whole pair of shoes is very good and can give the player enough comfort and touch.

The Premier series is not the main theme of Nike football shoes, the main series is the assassin poison front and legend, but this does not mean that the shoes are much less loved. It has always been loved and trusted by some players, which is why Nike has always maintained the frequency of updating this traditional retro shoes.
This winter, Nike will release a new black color scheme for the Premier II football shoes collection.
The sneakers mainly cover the body with black, making the Premier II a classic partner on the court.

Nike Premier II football shoes are Nike's modern retro shoes, not worn by any player. This shoe has a kangaroo leather upper, a retro folding tongue and a full palm TPU outsole.
Leather upper provides sufficient durability and excellent touch
Folded tongue provides a clean, flat touch surface
Full palm TPU outsole with good durability and stability

7 reasons to buy
Many users agree that the Nike Premier II is one of the best leather boots on the football market because of its premium quality and performance.
Majority of the testers remarked that the football boot gives excellent value for its price.
The kangaroo leather upper of the boot was praised by many reviewers for its soft, consistent touch.
The quality of the boot far exceeds the price, as mentioned by many wearers.
The boot's lightweight design and comfortable fit appealed to several players.
Some reviewers took notice of the fold-over flap tongue's aesthetic value.
A few individuals who tested the football boot on the pitch said that it needs a very minimal break in and it fits comfortably out of the box.

Featuring a classic design with the well-received traditional fold-over tongue, the second generation of the Nike Premier stays true to the character of the Premier line-up. The football boot wears a timeless look that is reminiscent of the early football boots and includes features that are very similar to its former version, with a few updates. The majority has agreed that with its impeccable quality and performance, it makes an excellent buy for players who want to dominate the field with a classic leather boot.

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