Sergio Agüero Play Against Manchester United With The New Puma Evospeed Football Boots

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Sergio Agüero got new football boots and shoot Manchester United. Puma has just provided him with a pair of brand new Puma evoSPEED SL-L football boots.


On Thursday, Manchester City took home against Manchester United at the Etihad Stadium. It was the year's last derby between the two traditional English clubs.


Jose Mourinho's football boys from Manchester United had looked rusted in this season. Paul Pogba did not seem to have fallen well in United and with Zlatan Ibrahimovic's knee injury, United should be happy for a draw.


Manchester City wins because: Sergio Agüero warmed out. In the season 2016/17, the Manchester City striker has made 30 goals. The goal statistics he certainly try to expand. Puma had made a pair of brand new Sergio Agüero football boots for the match.


The new Puma evoSPEED SL-L football boots were delivered personally to Argentine striker Sergio Agüero and arrived in style.


The boots are designed by Yianni Charalambous, the owner of the company 'Yiannimize', which specializes in making custom-designed cars. Therefore, the football boots also arrived in a Nissan GT-R painted in the light blue Manchester City color.


Before the boots were given to Sergio Agüero, they were ridden around the street scene in Manchester on almost majestic manners, where they stopped in front of Old Trafford and Etihad Stadium.


When Sergio Agüero gets new football boots for the match against Manchester United, there will be fifth boots in the series 'Puma Derby Fever Pack'. A boots collection that celebrates local showings. Sergio Agüero only has the boots at this one time.


The new puma evoSPEED boots are Blue with black, gold and white details. The technical characteristics of the boot are the same as a normal pair of Puma evoSPEED. The soccer boot's upper part is synthetic leather with Gore-Tex, so you'll experience better ball control. The boot is equipped with Speedframe, which acts as a skeleton for the upper part. Speedframe makes the soccer boot more stable and makes it easier to make fast friends.


On the side of the boot you will find the well-known Puma logo in black with gold edge. On each side of the heel hub you will find two logos. On the outside a local city logo in gold and on the inside a bee, often associated with the industrial revolution and Manchester's role in this.


Certainly a nice arrival, as Sergio Agüero's new football boots got, but what do you think about the dust jersey? Do you want to buy new football boots and imagine buying Puma evoSPEED SL-L?

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