The Nike football collection has been renovated with the generational jump of the Nike TiempoX from the 'Lock in let loose' pack

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The new arrival of the Nike TiempoX was the realization of a fact: the need for a 'classic' shoes for the American football hall collection. The disappearance of the best-selling Nike Lunar Cat created a vacuum in the market that left many followers of the brand orphans of what was their favorite model. The use of natural leather in the area of ​​the housing attached to a midsole of Lunarlon, exclusive material of the brand, were the letters of the silo of Nike that more professional players have dressed.

Many of the players who previously used the Lunar Cat saw the Nike HypervenomX Finale IC the best substitute. The shoe of attack of the company emphasizes by the use of a synthetic casing united to a few brio cables that will provide stability to the player who dares to fit them. Others opted for the Nike MagistaX Finale IC as a weapon over 40x20. The first generation of the Nike control shoe mounted a leather case to which were attached the same brio cables on Lunarlon midsole. The current model of MagistaX has replaced the leather case with a synthetic NikeSkin 3D texture that will give very good sensations with the ball. But in spite of having these two models, many continued wearing their old Lunar Cat rationalizing this model to the maximum and alternating it with HypervenomX or MagistaX.

The 'Camo Pack' that took out in April 2016 the Swoosh brand brought with it more than just a change of color, since it was the presentation of a new model: the Nike TiempoX. A shoe that would come to fill the gap left by the Lunar Cat with a profile much more classic than that of his companions.

Recently, the new aesthetic that all Nike FootballX's silos will wear with the 'Lock in let loose' pack came to light. This facelift has brought with it the new generation of Nike TiempoX: the Nike TiempoX IV. The top of this model is the Nike TiempoX IV Finale IC. The latter is notable for the use of natural cow hide in the area of ​​the carcass which gives the shoe a high degree of flexibility and adaptation. The part that comes into contact with the ball is collected by an internal structure that will prevent it from deforming excessively. A padded tongue with elastic reinforcements on the sides will prevent it from moving during play as well as eliminating the pressure of the strings on the instep. All these technologies will be mounted on a Lunarlon midsole that, together with a foam core in the heel area, will evenly distribute the impact of the footprint.

As we descend in the price range marked by the American company we will find the other two ranges of the Nike TiempoX: the Nike TiempoX Light IV and the Nike TiempoX Rio IV IC. The mid range stands out by the use of synthetic leather in the housing attached to the internal structure 'Midfoot Cage' that will prevent the shoe from being deformed in excess. The Lunarlon used for its older sister has been replaced by a high-density EVA insole accompanied by Phylon for the midsole. As for the low range, the Nike TiempoX Rio IV IC will feature synthetic leather in the area that comes in contact with the ball attached to a midsole Phylon. Now only remains to see the acceptance of this new generation on the blue track. Do you think this model will be a worthy successor to the Lunar Cat?

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