The Nike Mercurial Vapor Flyknit Ultra ‘Play Fire’ & ‘Play Ice’ are set to be made available on on the 28th of November

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It's back! After the first two color variants got a wild reception, Nike is today ready to introduce two new variations of Flyknit Ultra. The next chapter for Flyknit.

Engineered to provide the ultimate fit for explosive speed, the Nike Mercurial Vapor Flyknit Ultra represents the next chapter in knitted uppers. Lighter and stronger than ever before, these boots get you closer to the ball while the ribbed exterior ensures total control when dribbling at speed.

It's still only about 2 months since Nike for the first time added Flyknit to their popular Vapor silhouette, but now they're ready to 'Lock in.' Let Fly 'once again and introduce two new highly limited color variants. Nike has conveyed inspiration from their 'Fire & Ice' pack and the result may be even better than the first time.


If you ask us, there is no longer any doubt about what the Nike Flyknit Ultra Boots symbolize and mean for the future. They are looking into the future of Flyknit and how Nike will use their iconic technology on their football boots in 2018. It is of course a brave announcement when there are still many months yet and nothing has been leaked but the way Nike has managed to add the NikeSkin coating to each Flyknit tissue has such a big influence on the upper part that Nike is well aware of the fact that they have something really delicious here.

The quality of a football boot and how well you play in them is to a great extent determined by how the design fits your foot. Flyknit Ultra upper part is undoubtedly lighter and stronger than any woven soccer boot ever and especially the upper part's strength has a great influence because that aspect has allowed Nike's design team to make the boot's shape and shape really sharp. The new and stabilizing Flyknit is also shaped so that Flyknit Ultra has ribs running down the top in the same way as the ordinary Vapor. These help create friction between the boot and the ball for better control. Ultimate fit and clinical class in one.

The Nike Flyknit Ultra 'Play Ice' color variant is the only one of the 2 boots that will be worn by professional players. Eden Hazard and Luka Modric both play Team Ice and both wear the chromed blue boot in this week's Champions League match and if you're a wild booty, you might have already seen it for Real Madrid training. Personally, I prefer the Four version and now that there are just as many couples worldwide, it will be exciting to see which of the 2 is being sold out first.

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