What is the best football shoe? The top 9!

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We will present you the top of the best football shoes according to us. Football is the most popular sport in the world. All you need is a ball so you can play anywhere. Nevertheless, when playing in a club, you can not play with any pair of football boots. Indeed, if you arrive on the field with a pair of charentaise, I doubt that the referee lets you play. In addition, it's also nice for a player to have the latest football boots and be stylish even on the field. Quality and aesthetics, you will see the best football shoes of the moment that will make you the most stylish player of the game. This can be comforting if you take a suitcase, it's always won.

1. Adidas Copa, the timeless
Adidas Copa football boots have been around for a very long time. If you play in a club, you must have seen someone wear it. Made of Kangaroo leather, the Adidas Copa are very comfortable and ideal for people who have a wide foot. It is a perfect model for defenders since they are very resistant. Aesthetically, it's a pair of vintage shoes, usually black, although Adidas has recently released several colors for this product. Plus, they come in molded and screwed cleats for you to play on any surface. If you like comfortable, durable football boots and want to give yourself a little "old fashioned" look, the Adidas Copa will please you.

2. Puma One 18.1, simple but of quality
We continue with the football boots made of leather. The Puma One 18.1 is a high-end model of the brand. Made of a "sock", they will hold your ankle perfectly to avoid injuries. In addition, you have an inner lining that will allow you to protect yourself from the cold. The leather on the top of the shoe is fine for you to have a better touch of ball and thus allow you to make dribbles to the Ronaldinho. You will still need a little talent but it is a good way to help you what do you think?

3. Nike Magista, the wide shoe of the Nike line
The Nike Magista football boots are the widest models in the Nike range. Existing in high or low version, these shoes have a very thin slipper that allows to have a good touch of ball. You'll find a rotating area in the front of the foot to make faster direction changes. It is a model that corresponds well to the players evolving in the axis of the field. In terms of aesthetics, it is a shoe rather simple but stylish that you can find in a multitude of different colors.

4. Puma Futur 18.1, a high-end model
The Puma Futur 18.1 football shoe is a very successful and upscale model. There is a lightweight shoe that has a slipper for better support of the ankle. In addition you will have a seamless bootie that will allow to take the shape of your foot perfectly the first time you put them on. It is equipped with a padded insole for maximum comfort. Finally, there is a foot shoe really aesthetically stylish which, for me, was the great defect of Puma in previous years. With this model, the brand also comes back in the big leagues in terms of quality and style.

5. Adidas X, for more speed
We enter the Top 5 best football shoes according to us with the Adidas X. This is a high-end model from Adidas that was designed by the brand for people who are looking for speed as the offensive midfielders or the fans. attackers. It's an ultra light shoe that has Techfit technology. The Techfit is a seamless slipper that will immediately take the shape of your foot to ensure maximum comfort. The front of the foot, without laces, has been studied so that you can control your ball simply when it arrives quickly. Finally, the Adidas X is equipped with the "NON STOP GRIP" to ensure the best possible grip on the ball and thus have total control of the ball.

9. Adidas Nemeziz, the football boots of the legend Messi
What about Lionel Messi except that he is the best football player of all time? The legend playing at FC Barcelona makes his phenomenal dribbling with the Adidas Nemeziz football shoe. You will find a multitude of technologies on this model. first of all, it is made of the Agility Knit at the front of the foot to have a fitted and very dynamic slipper.

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